When It’s Best to Support Local Businesses

With the advent of Small Business Day, as well as many inspired messages to shop locally, there’s a big push these days to shop within your own hometown. This helps support local businesses, mom and pop type locations, and helps put money back into our local community here in Arizona. However, when should you buy locally and when should you buy elsewhere? Well, let’s discuss it.


First off, let’s be a little harsh getting started here. Small businesses don’t always have the type of selection you’d be hoping to see. Plus, they can tend to be pretty expensive. While it’s great in theory, sometimes it just won’t be possible to shop locally for some items and purchases. A website like Angelique Lingerie stocks up on their costumes in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about it.

This is a great example of a purchase that would be best done online, where you have a better selection and better pricing. Now, that doesn’t always hold true on the pricing. Some local businesses and places are actually cheaper, due to factors like not having to ship something very far. Farmer’s markets are awesome for this reason. You’re supporting local produce, local farmers, and getting a great deal. My husband and I go at least once a month to stock up on his vegetables and fruits for his juicing. It’s multiple times more affordable and better product.


So, when you need selection, you may have to go to a chain business or shop online. That’s just the truth of it. When you’re looking to get something very local (like produce), you can get the best deal and the best stuff by shopping very locally. When possible, it’s always a great idea to shop as locally as possible for the reasons we stated above. It helps your community, local business owners, and puts money back into your local economy. Choose wisely. The responsibility rests with you, the people.

How To Hire an Arizona Property Management Company for Your HOA

When it comes to hiring an Arizona Property Management company for your HOA, you want to choose the right one. So many people don’t always know how to hire a management company. Don’t worry, because that’s what we’re here for.


We’ve got everything you need to know to help you figure out how you can hire not only a great property management company for your HOA, but one that you’re truly happy that you’ve hired. At the end of the day, you need someone to get the job done, and the right management company will be able to help you do that. Read on to find out more.

Ask What They Offer

This is an important question to ask of your potential property management firm, as there is a ton of work involved in this type of position. You want to make sure that the firm that you eventually hire has all of the things that you’re looking for in a management firm.


You don’t want to be stuck in the position of having a company running your community that doesn’t offer all the services that you need. A good firm will be able to manage HOA dues, handle collections for unpaid dues, create budgets, manage the accounting, provide reporting to the board, develop capital replacement plans, address maintenance problems, find contractors and more. By asking what the firm offers, you’ll be able to determine if they’re the right fit for you.

See if They Can Handle a Large Property

One way to mistake while hiring a firm for property management is hiring a firm that will be clearly out of their depth. You want companies that can handle the needs of a large property because if they can’t, you’re going to run into problems early.

These problems could not only cause extra headaches, they could mean a whole bundle of trouble for you and the community. It’s necessary to make sure that they can handle a large property and get everything done that they need to. Just because a firm has said that it has managed large companies before doesn’t mean that they have, so make sure that you get concrete examples or at least have them explain more how they have managed HOA in the past.

Pick a Firm with Experience


Do you want a company that is fresh on the block and no experience, or a company that has done this before? At the end of the day, most people want a firm that has experience. Ask the firm you’re considering what experience they have had running properties in the past and how they did. Ask questions like what was their approach and what their general philosophy is when it comes to getting things done.

At the end of the day, hiring a firm is going to be a bit of a task. Make sure that you consider who you are looking at carefully and have a very good idea of who you are hiring at the end of the day. Don’t let your community management be left to a company that isn’t going to care for it the way you need them to! If you can do all of this, you and your HOA will be just fine.

Giving an Impactful Presentation

Like most things in business, there’s a set structure for giving an awesome presentation. It’ll take time to plan out for your own information, but there’s a template that fits well for giving the best impact (I used this same style for my ieee conference presentation). It’s not exactly new information, but we’ll be going through the classics and adding our our twist. Let’s get started.


So, there’s an old school abbreviation called AIDA. A-I-D-A. A is for attention, I is for interest, D is for desire, A is for action. This is the basic template that fits best for marketing, sales, and presentations. The first one is:

A – Attention. Getting the right amount of focus from your viewers or listeners is key. What can you do in the first part of your presentation that grabs your audiences attention? Can you ask them an interesting question? Can you tell a really amazing story? Can you give them data that wows them?


This is huge at the start of your talk. When I did my talk, I asked my three friends what they thought of three different ideas I came up with. All three liked when I made bold statements and backed them up later.

I – Interest. Interest is also very important. It goes hand in hand with attention. What type of interest do you need? Well, it depends on your product. Or, the reason that you’re giving your talk. You’ll want to begin to get the audiences interest, even if this interest is just in you and the technology you’re working on.

Maybe you’re looking for funding, or are selling a product. You’ll want to attract, instead of pull your audience in. Attract and gain their interest by providing great information, speaking with confidence, and this will be impactful.


D – Desire. Desire is another piece of the puzzle that goes right along with the first two steps. Desire for your product, desire to know more about the technology that you’re working on, or even the desire to get to know you personally. This is best done by drawing them in, and providing great information.

Desire can also be fostered by setting forth things the audience can work toward by working with you, or investing with you. This may simply be the desire to help further technology. Or, it could be buying your product as well.


A – Action. Action is the final piece of the puzzle that’s imperative to having a long term impact. When it comes to action, there could be a couple of different avenues to take. Would you like your audience to sign up for your newsletter to stay in touch with your company? Would you like them to buy a product now, at the back of the room?

You’ll need to tailor your message and the end of your presentation to account for the type of action you’d like them to take. When I did my talk, I gave them a simple URL to go to to sign up for my newsletter. I got about 50 new signups from this over the weekend, and they were interested in our technology.

Anyway, this template and these tips should help a lot in getting your presentation in the right format.

5 Home Buying Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

When it comes to home buying, it can seem like there’s just so much information out there that you couldn’t possibly keep up with all of it. Where would you find the time to learn all of this, you wonder?


And since when are first time home buyers supposed to be experts in everything, anyway? Well, when it comes to home buying there definitely are a bunch of trends out there that constantly shift. Here are five that you can’t afford to ignore. Read on to find out more and be a smarter home buyer. By the way, if you need more tips for the Chandler area specifically, check out this website for more detailed recommendations.

1. Increasing Interest Rates

You may not even know that much about home buying or the market, but I bet you know that if your interest rates are going to go up then that is bad news for you and the rest of the home buyers out there. Interest has been phenomenally low for a while, hitting record lows over the past ten years.

The bad part now is that the key interest rate was raised by the Fed in mid-December– and they’re also going to make an incredible four more raises in the year. That means higher interest rates for borrowers and a worse financial time for your loans. It’s never been a great time to buy a home, but you’re going to need to be extra vigilant and thrifty because those increases are going to mean more money for you and a haste to pay it off A.S.A.P.

2. More Renters That Want to Buy

Rental prices are going to be going up significantly this year. Well, with so many people who are renting paying just as much as they would for a home, that’s going to be a big problem. They basically are deciding that hey why not go and buy a house if I’m going to be paying a bunch of cash every month for some place that I don’t even own?


That means more people in the market which means more competition for you buying a home and even more competitive bids and prices. Not so fun, but oh well.

3. Millennials

It’s that dreaded word: Millennials. This time they have come to mess up your house buying game. They want to buy homes, with thirteen percent saying that they’re going to do so within the next year and even more saying that their goal is to buy a home in the next two years. They’re the biggest consumers around, so their numbers as well as their buying power means that this could be trouble.

4. Good Prices

Surprised to hear this? We are a little bit too. However, the housing prices are going to go up just five percent or less this year, which may mean that the higher interest rates are going to be off set a bit. Lower prices may be good for home buyers, so keep your fingers crossed. Every year is different, and prices and rates will always vary.


5. Keeping Up with No One

Another bonus of this year’s trends may be that people are choosing functionality over style or impressiveness. No one is keeping up with the Jones– they’re just doing what’s best for them. It’s a beautiful thing, huh?