When It’s Best to Support Local Businesses

With the advent of Small Business Day, as well as many inspired messages to shop locally, there’s a big push these days to shop within your own hometown. This helps support local businesses, mom and pop type locations, and helps put money back into our local community here in Arizona. However, when should you buy locally and when should you buy elsewhere? Well, let’s discuss it.


First off, let’s be a little harsh getting started here. Small businesses don’t always have the type of selection you’d be hoping to see. Plus, they can tend to be pretty expensive. While it’s great in theory, sometimes it just won’t be possible to shop locally for some items and purchases. A website like Angelique Lingerie stocks up on their costumes in bulk, so you don’t have to worry about it.

This is a great example of a purchase that would be best done online, where you have a better selection and better pricing. Now, that doesn’t always hold true on the pricing. Some local businesses and places are actually cheaper, due to factors like not having to ship something very far. Farmer’s markets are awesome for this reason. You’re supporting local produce, local farmers, and getting a great deal. My husband and I go at least once a month to stock up on his vegetables and fruits for his juicing. It’s multiple times more affordable and better product.


So, when you need selection, you may have to go to a chain business or shop online. That’s just the truth of it. When you’re looking to get something very local (like produce), you can get the best deal and the best stuff by shopping very locally. When possible, it’s always a great idea to shop as locally as possible for the reasons we stated above. It helps your community, local business owners, and puts money back into your local economy. Choose wisely. The responsibility rests with you, the people.